More Fun With the Camera

So, I've come to the conclusion that I will be taking a lot more pictures with my camera. I love this thing, and you can take a picture of just about ANYTHING! And until I get something else of interest taking my time, I'll be posting a lot of pictures of whatever I find in my camera.

I think I'm going to start a blog just for pictures. They'll be pictures of interest for me of course, ones that have semi-artistic merit and not just a snap shot of people picking their noses.

Yesterday I watched the niece and nephew practice Soccer. They're four and five (well, Brinley's almost five, and Cody'll be six this summer) and watching a bunch of little kids play soccer is quite hilarious. They keep wanting to touch the ball with their hands and you have to use visual pictures to get them to understand the game. Like they have to pretend to be carrots, and carrots don't have hands.

They had practice in Manito Park, and I observed with my camera in hand. My sister Julie got recruited as the Soccer Coach kind of last minute, which is quite funny because I don't think she really knows a thing about soccer. Fortunately, these are little kids so the rules are extra simplified for them.

I must say that I'm really loving my camera.

Brinely can be such a ham sometimes. She just got recruited this week to play soccer with her cousin and she LOVES it.

Cody found a stick, and began to want to play hockey with the soccer balls. We had to put an end to that real quick.

He had to wear that hat.

I got this little girl in action, and I love how this shot turned out. She's quite the little Soccer Player. There's Cody running up behind her.

Playing with continuous shot on my camera, I got a series of shots of Brinley running. I had to play around so I merged them together into one photo.

Not a perfect merge by any means, but I love how clear the shot was.

I took advantage of being in Manato Park and saw some birds, so I took some bird shots as well.

I've always wanted to get shots of birds and animals in flight. Not all came out clear, because there was about fifty billion birds there and they were all over the place, so you kind of had to point the camera and try to take the pic, hoping it would turn out. Well this one did.

This poor duck is clearly mutated or something. But she's not so ugly that she doesn't have a mate, who appears to be right there protecting her. Ah, love is clearly blind.

More fun with those micro close up shots. I can see myself potentially doing a lot of these. I hope I don't burn other people out of them.

There's a green house in Manito Park which has all of these really pretty flowers, and even a banana tree. I took a lot of closeups while I was there.

I'm sure I'll be posting more pics in the near future.

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