Weekend Bliss

So, I'm in Helena Montana on a training mission this weekend. I've been to Helena for the last two Aprils so this was just another one of those missions, right?

Actually, this one is a bit different. We're training DEPers, at least that's what I like to call them. I had to drive up here on Friday to get prepared to for Saturday (today) where we were going to do all of this training and had it planned for the soldiers so they could get a taste of what Basic Training is going to be like and just give them a leg up or so.

Well, I'll talk more about my weekend when I get home on my military blog. In the meantime, I have my alarm set for *early* because we're doing a 'rude awakening for the privates. Unforunately, apparently the rumor is going around that we're going to wake them up at zero early in the morning so I think a few of them are going to be prepared for us to go in there and scream at them.

We have to plan this out just right though. Anyway, I wanted to wake them up at 0400, but apparently the recruiters are a little against that idea. But my phone (which doubles as my alarm clock these days) is running out of juice so despite my eyes being bloodshot and I look like hell from lack of sleep (being a drill sergeant and all) but I don't want to take the chance of sleeping in because my alarm clock is dead, so I'm in my car now, looking for a place where I can charge my phone up and there is free wireless internet to blog (since I've been such a neglectful blogger recently).

Meanwhile, going back to the training, they had this high speed training schedule planned out, and that kind of got thrown to the wayside when it decided to snow this weekend.

I can add to this. I thought I was safe so I got my Snow Tires removed yesterday before I came up to Montana to do training. So I have to drive THROUGH Montana tomorrow when they are predicting up to six inches tonight.

We didn't plan these things. I might just spend the night in Helena tomorrow night too, or at least wait until the roads are cleared before I head out, because driving through the roads with my tires proved to be crap.


Anyway, a lot of training got nixed, like the confidence course, which I was looking forward too, but I got to call cadence, and I learned that I need to keep up with my cadence calling, but at the same time, it comes back pretty quick.

And I need to work on my command voice. My voice is now gone. It's pretty darn cold and I've been lethargic lately so I haven't been working it.

I also found out that a certain side of my humor comes out of the woodwork when I put on my hat, and it's a side of my humor that I REALLY need to watch when I hit the trail. The self depreciating humor is what I particularly need to watch, but I usually just use it when I screw up, like when I call a column left instead of a column right (and I was doing that WAY to often this weekend *sighs*)

But overall I had a lot of fun. Got a little refresher as a Drill Sergeant, learned that I really need to work on the PT, and that this dad gum weather has not been helping out with that.

So, aside from last weekend, we've just been having snow every weekend. Why have I not been taking advantage of my Snowboard?

Just saying.

Tell you more when I get home. If I never get home, its because I drove off the side of a mountain trying to get home.

Er, that last part was a joke. I hope.

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