Murphy's Law in Action

My luck is really running.

So, I'm stuck in Helena Montana for the night. I tried to get out this morning, after a rude awakening (I'll talk about that later) but it was a balmy 9 degrees with snow on the ground.

Al Gore lied to me.

As I mentioned before, I thought I was safe on Friday to take off my Snow Tires. This was proven false.

So today, I went out looking for some chains, as I've got three passes to cross in order to get home. And its been snowing all weekend.

My current tires are possibly the worst kind of tires to drive in the snow, or so I discovered as I was driving around town to try to find some chains, only to discover that Walmart considers them out of season, even though this is Montana and apparently the snow is always in season.

But then again, I should have known that I was going to Montana and kept my tires on.

Well, I was directed to find some tire stores because that was likely the only place to find chains.

It being Sunday, everything was closed, and I'm trying to find the location of any place that sells chains on snow covered roads while I'm trying to negotiate from point to point without killing myself or hitting anybody.

Then I discovered that trying to drive in the snow without snow tires skewed my perception of how my car feels to me. When I finally found a place that sells chains, I discovered that I was driving on a flat tire.

So I had to change a flat tire on top of it all, and once I got my spare on, I had to go back to Walmart to get my flat fixed because no other tire place is open on Sunday.

Hanging around Walmart for about twenty minutes, I get an overhead page telling me to make my way to the automotive department to tell me that my tire is unrepairable.

Oh, and I just bought the tire on Friday. So it was brand new. But now I have to find a tire to replace it so I can get home tomorrow so I can take this one back.

Well, I considered it somewhat of a sign that maybe I wasn't meant to go home today. I had an eerie feeling this morning that I needed to stick around. Something was kind of nagging at me. And a couple people who left before me told me the pass was like glass.

So maybe its all for the best?

We'll see how the pass is tomorrow then?

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