Maid Service

I'm currently staying at a pretty nice hotel waiting for my flight to leave later today. Things have been fairly easy here, but I didn't fail to notice that the maid service is not that smart.

In a lot of hotels these days, they have this little announcement where they ask you to reuse the towels to conserve water and all of this, which I'm all for. I mean, I don't have to have a clean towel every time I use the shower. So I took a shower, used their soap and shampoos and after I was done I draped the towel over the shower curtain to let it dry out. I didn't let anything fall on the floor.

Of course, I had some hair ties and a soap container in a plastic bag, which was wrapped around the rest of my toiletries to prevent them from leaking all over my luggage.

Anyway. I came back after the first day, to reveal that although it states that they ask us to do our part to conserve water for the environment, I find my soaps and towels replaced, and the plastic bag is thrown away.

Grr. . .

The next day, I put the conservation sign up NEXT to my towel, hoping they might get the hint that I don't need it to be replaced. I mean, they tell me to throw the towel on the floor if I want a new one, I'm perfectly content to use the other one. I mean, it's just water I'm drying off myself after a shower.

They still replaced all of the towels. But strangely, they left the soap alone.

I would take it, but I don't have anything to carry it back in. Hmm. . .

I'm not against doing a little conservation here and there. But it makes it difficult when the hotel doesn't cooperate with their own policy.

I guess next time I'll put that don't disturb sign on the door. But I like getting into a made bed that night.

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