Back from Trip

So I made it back home, er, well, my home away from home at least. I left on the tenth and got back on the third, I still have until Saturday, but I think I'll just set in my house and relax for a few days and call this trip off a little early. Trying to blog it obviously came out as me posting two pointless and slightly incoherent blogs about my trip and then I just gave up because they weren't even that interesting for me to read.

But anyway, all in all, I've upped my total states visited number to 41.

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Fortunately, four seperate trips should knock out the remaining states. I'm thinking of getting Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota in one fail swoop on my way home and if I get selected for a certain job next year (yes, military related, hence my vagueness) I'll likely knock out the remaining southern states too. That just leaves Alaska and Hawaii, which will be my toughest states to get.

I'm thinking of doing a roadtrip to Alaska possibly next summer if the job doesn't go through, but that's a big maybe. I can catch Hawaii (and probably Alaska too) on a military hop, it's just a question of getting the motivation and time to go.

Well, my bank account is significantly lighter now, but I'll blog more about my trip in full later. In the meantime, well, I have learned that 30 days is to long to take a vacation, two weeks (and depending on where you go, three weeks works too) is just about right. I didn't think I would ever say this, but it feels good to be back in Knox.

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