So I come home from an awesome day all pumped and ready to blog about it and then. . .

my computer acts stupid and won't recognize either of my cameras so I can't download pictures.

Furthermore, a thumbdrive I bought for the pictures of what I did today doesn't include all the pictures like I was told it would. Considering that I went ahead and paid as much as I did for it THINKING I was getting all the pictures, I am frustrated. Hopefully the place noted my frustration in my irritated and strongly worded letter detailing my irritation. I'll probably call them tomorrow too, only as long as they send me the couple pictures I want.

I intend to blog tomorrow about my day, because my day was awesome. But I want to update with pictures.

And then I'll be ready to finally write about my Vacation across half the country.

EDIT - Figured out the issue with the Computer/Camera not talking. So here's a preview.

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