The Pros and Cons of Narcolepsy

So, I brought it on myself. I asked people to give me a topic to write about and when I wasn't satisfied with the answers of 'ah, post whatever you want to post about', I was put up to the task.

The topic? The pros and cons of Narcolepsy.

Now, I don't have Narcolepsy, though granted I have suffered through similar symptoms in the past. Actually, if anything I suffer at times of Insomnia. Being such, I didn't think I was one to post anything on the Pros and Cons, and then I got to thinking, you know, I could think long and hard enough about it, I could probably come up with a few.

So, from yours truly, a non-sufferer of Narcolepsy, I give you the Pros and Cons of this medical condition.

o you don't have to worry about that pesky Insomnia problem late at night.
o you have a valid excuse for falling asleep in a boring class
o forced to watch "An Inconvenient Truth"? Problem solved!
o easy to play pranks on your friends by 'faking' an episode
o great way to dodge the draft
o ready made excuse for afternoon power naps
o you can tell horror stories to kids about how you got your scars ala Joker in Batman(more interesting then 'I hit my head on a coffee table')
o your friends won't be asking you to be a designated driver
o make money shelling your sob story to pro Obamacare ads
o make a fashion statement with medical alert tags
o great conversation starter (hey, global transient amnesia is!)
o claim disability and get a free check from the government

o people might freak out that you were slipped a rufie at the club
o driving is considered hazardous
o the bruises you are suffering really are from 'falling down the stairs'
o sky diving not recommended, unless perhaps you go tandem
o some jobs are probably not available to you, so employment limitations
o you might get mistaken for being drunk
o probably best that you don't do any extreme sports
o health insurance is probably expensive due to 'pre existing condition'
o your date percieves that your bored with them when you fall asleep during what they think is an exciting story
o partner gets upset when you fall asleep during sex
o there is no cure for narcolepsy

If you have some to add, leave a note in the comments. And if you really have Narcolepsy, HAHA!!! (er, I mean, that's horrible. Honest. Give me some true pros and cons)

PS - No, in case you didn't know, I am NOT a PC person

PPS - Is this a funny post? Er, it sounded funnier in my head? Thanks T-man

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Kristen Miskinis said...

Oh my gosh this was the most hilarious thing ever! I love it! couldn't have said it better myself!