Barack Obama's Accomplishments

Ok, I meant to post this on the fourth, or rather, maybe I should post it on January 20th after a little more research, because then it will really have been a year, but regardless, I tried to be open about an Obama presidency, which seemed more and more certain last year the closer we got to the election, and I wanted him to have a successful presidency, successful being that he didn't bring our nation into a chaos and bankruptcy for pushing a radical socialist agenda. In short, I was hoping he would govern as a moderate.

well, I could go on and on about why so far I think Obama's presidency has been an abject failure, but alas, with how McCain was running his presidential campaign, I can see why people wanted to vote for HopeNChange, but alas, we can't be negative all the time.

So I am going to highlight Obama's accomplishments in office that I approve of, things that I'm in agreement with.

o Obama Swats Fly - I'll give credit where credit is due. I'm actually impressed by the president's smooth fly swatting reflex here.

o Obama calls Kanye West a Jack Ass - Full agreement there.

o Obama gets his daughters a puppy - Ahh, isn't Bo cute?

Um, why did it take six months to do this?

o Signing of on the use of lethal force to off some pirates - And the snipers did one heck of a job too.

o sending 17,000 troops to afghanistan in February - We really need to finish the job there, and this initial surge was a good move. However, I can't be in agreement with Obama on the Afghanistan issue now. He says he won't make a decision that will put the lives of soldiers on the line, but, well, NOT doing anything is also costing our soldiers their lives. Make a decision, Obama, you're the one in charge now.

And, er, um, ok I admit, I'm a bit stumped. To be honest, being what I am, a fiscal conservative, when it comes to fiscal policies, I feel that everything Obama has inacted in his term as President has been a disaster. Did you hear about the 10.2% unemployment rate, when we were promised it wouldn't raise above 8.5% if we hurried and passed that stimulus bill back in February?

there are plenty of things he has done that I'm ho-hum about, meaning I could care less one way or another, or I just don't know enough about the issue to really have a firm opinion on it. But that said, in trying to be positive, what has Obama done in office that is actually a good thing? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

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