Things are Good, but Life is Uneventful

Black friday. Hmm. . .

I was debating on going shopping today for some deals, there are some things I was thinking of getting, but fortunately, I was able to talk myself right out of it, and got caught playing Zynga games on Facebook instead. Those things are evil, and time wasters of the Nth degree. But overall today was really relaxed and ho hum.

Tomorrow I'm cleaning. My place is a disaster. And then I might go shopping for some food, since I have nothing to eat right now.

complete randomness. Yes. This is my life right now.

So, here is the question. Yes, I am pretty up to date on current events, so answer this. If you come here and want to read about my thoughts and opinions on anything going on right now, leave a comment below. Unfortunately, certain things going on in my personal life I have to be mum on, mostly in regards to work. Over the next twelve hours, if I have one comment or three, or Six, who knows, I'll write about the topic I find most interesting, unless two or more people request my thoughts on the same topic, in which case I will write about the topic the most people have requested.

And no, I will not write about military life and being a drill sergeant.


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