NaNoWriMo is here again

So there are about a dozen and one topics I want to blog about, pictures I need to post, my facebook I need to update, and I need to clean my house (and my truck) from my trip.

Instead, I got caught up in the NaNoWriMo craze. Yep, November is National Novel Writer's Month and I am participating, though I got to a late start. I'm tracking pretty well so far, this time the story takes place in the same world my Nano from last year took place (alternate Earth timeline) and would probably cause most people to cringe uncomfortably if they were to read it. Yep, definitely my kind of story.

funny, I was hoping to make last year's novel readable but I still haven't finished it, I don't know what my deal is, I'll write about a character and introduce a new character and flesh them out and think 'hmm, they are more interesting to me then my previous character' and then I'll explore them for a bit. Not your typical model for a successful story, because I break every rule in the 'how to write a novel' rulebook.

I guess maybe that's why I write for me.

Now i can prepare to have absolutely no time to myself as I slave over 50,000 words this month. which actually shouldn't be to difficult for me to do come to think of it?

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