Re: Fort Hood Shootings

So now I've been following up on Fort Hood and what happened there and am in a little more understanding of what happened and this is what I'm going to say.

The Army, being the Army, needs to pull its head out of its ass and call this what it is. When Fort Hood, the location where this happened, is wrenching as to 'why' this happened when it is blatantly obvious that this is indeed, a lesson to what we call, sensitivity training.

People say that this guy was harrassed for being a muslim and that's why he snapped. Well, no shit he was harrassed, if indeed he was harrassed, because this guy advocated for Jihad to his peers and gave a power point presentation at walter reed talking about beheadings and why this was perfectly acceptable.

There are muslims in the army, I've worked with them, and they are by and large decent people who don't get harrassed because you know why? They aren't talking about how Jihad is ok and questioning the war on terror being a war against Islam. They are serving and as long as they serve and soldier up and not go talking jihad, people will respect them for who they are, soldiers who happen to also be muslims. Most soldiers don't see this as a war against islam. It's a war against terror, unfortunately, the perpetrators tend to be Muslim. When Terrorists stop killing Americans in the name of Islam, maybe we can start seperating the two a little easier.

This is a terrorist action. End of story, this guy needs to fry. Let's stop talking about how it's the army's fault this guy snapped because if this causes everyone to have to sit in on a briefing army wide about how we need to be sensitive to other people's feelings I'm going to snap. We're the Army! You know what we do for a living? We kill people and we protect this great nation from our enemies by killing them. Listen up all you kids out there that are thinking about joining the army so you can get your education paid for or because the economy stinks and you need a job, if you join the army you are going to learn how to fire a weapon with the intention of killing somebody with it. You are paid to learn how to kill people. If you are easily offended, you don't need to be joining the army. It is not for you.

If you disagree with the war on terror (oops, my bad, the overseas contigency operation) then you don't need to be joining the army. If you are a muslim who sympathizes with Osama Bin Laden and decide to join the army and get harrassed for calling your coworkers infedels, then don't start complaining because people don't like you. You don't belong.

Why in the hell is the military a gun free zone? You know what would have stopped this idiot from opening up fire on a bunch of unarmed people? People who could meet fire with fire, which ended up being a couple civilian police officers. Why are civilian police officers (God Bless 'em) coming in to put a stop to a crazed lunatic opening fire on soldiers anyway? These are SOLDIERS!!! You know what the definition of a soldier is? Somebody who knows how to use a gun! If anybody has the right to carry weapons, a uniformed soldier does. Because Gun Free Zone is just an open meat market to anybody who wants to go slaughter people. Take a gun into a gun free zone and open up. Now, if you want to open up fire in a place where everyone is armed, see how many shots you are able to release before somebody takes you out. It sure in hell won't be one hundred.

So, in conclusion, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan needs to be put down. He's a traitor to his country and last I heard, punishment for Treason is death. Just throw him under an electric chair and let him meet his just reward. Stop making excuses for this bastard and why this happened.

Furthermore, just because the military is short on Psychiatrists doesn't mean we have to keep them all in because that is the problem here. This guy should have been kicked out a long time ago. He should have never made Major but this is a problem with the medical corp unfortunately. We are under strength and when you are under strength, you hang onto the crap because they 'supposedly' can do the job. And now you wonder why Socialized Medicine is so great? Why was this idiot even a psychiatrist? That is where the army failed people, by allowing this guy to stay in instead of getting rid of him in the name of 'diversity'.

End of Rant

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