Blame Bush!

Ok, even in Kosovo, I can follow the news. One of the stories I've been following is the whole Coal Miners issue in West Virginia and how ate up that story has gotten and how sorry I feel for those people who were given positive news and rejoiced at learning of the fate of their loved ones and that they were still alive and then they learn the heartbreaking truth that their loved ones are in fact dead.

The story had me astounded when I learned what had happened.

But what get's my gall is that somehow, this is all Bush's fault. (I probably shouldn't add to this dude's thunder. He looks to be acquiring enough attention as it is.)

Yes, Bush needs to take responsibility for every little disaster that happens within the US. The fact of the matter is, the government is a huge beurocratic organization that has a lot of responsibility over the what happens in every little nook and cranny that goes on in the country. That's why we have State Governments and City Governments and different branches of Government responsible for different aspects of what goes on in every little world. Each one of these organizations wants a piece of the pie and wants a little attention. One person cannot take responsibility of every little thing that goes wrong in the country. You have to take a look at each situation independently, look at the facts, and try to correct them from there, from within the organization. And when the government gets so huge, it becomes this bloated monster and sometimes its hard to control all of these little organizations, even at the level of the president, especially when there is so much to oversee. Because some of these organizations are not directly under his jurisdiction.

Sure, maybe Bush should have looked more into safety issues within the mines, but I feel he may have had other pressing matters to attend to. The thing is, tragedies like this is what generally tend to alert people of the problem, and then they go about to correct it.

Hindsight is 20/20, its always easiest to blame the highest level of government and leave it at that. That gets people nowhere. We can't always foresee a disaster before it happens, sometimes it takes a tragedy such as this to get things accomplished. To blame Bush on something like this is rediculous.

When you start playing the blame game, in my opinion, you go to the lowest levels and start working your way up. When you find the person that is most responsible with the greatest opportunity to actually fix the problem (and to boot, most likely the subject matter expert of the issue at hand), then you go to that person to get things accomplished. Blaming Bush is not going to fix anything. He's a busy man with a lot on his plate and everyone wanting his attention. Its easy to blame the head of the beast. But by automatically blaming him for everything that goes wrong just means you're looking for a scape goat.

I think that's another title for President in this country. Official Scape Goat for everything that goes wrong.

Hat Tip: Silent Running

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