Life in these United States

I have discovered Battle Bean. High Speed Internet access. Outlets galore. I can download an episode of Red vs Blue in under a minute. You know how long its been since I've been on a server this fast?

Well, its been a long time. Though my computer is still in need of some serious maintenance. It gets a trip to the doctor (Best Buy) as soon as I get back.

I'm ready for Angel Season 2 and Buffy Season 6. However, currently they are not anywhere to be found. . . on post. And I'm kind of limited to my ability to get off post by availabilty of vehicular transport. So I did the next best thing.

I got Season 3 of Sliders. Yay, Sliders!

Ft Lewis is close to home, I'm in my home state and all, and honestly in retrospect it doesn't feel like I've been gone for a whole year. Kosovo feels like so long ago and I have only been back for a week.

This DeMob process could easily take less then a week to do if they just smoked us and sent us home. But they are spreading it out, giving us a lot of free time this week. Which means lots of trips to Seattle and Mt Rainier and what not. And sitting in the barracks watching Buffy, Angel and Sliders.

Ok, I'm going to write posts with substance as soon as I get home. I promise.

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