My Rack

Get your head out of the gutter already! I just wanted to display my rack.

There may be an exception to this rack, and when I discover exactly what that is, I'll update it. Now, it is easy for any soldier to have a chest full of medals. And I'll tell you why.

Army Achievement Medal - (w/ 2 Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters) I came on my deployment to Kosovo with three unsung AAMs. Although the Army Commendation Medal is more prestigious then the AAM, they give at more ARCOMs then AAMs. Fancy that. I got my AAMs from the POLLEX in Devens Massachussetts, Golden Medic Excercise in Camp Parks, California, and a Mederette in Suriname South America. And I got them all before I hit E5. Because after I got E5, things didn't go as smoothly back in the unit.

Army Good Conduct Medal - This is a Kosovo ribbon. Meaning I got it for not getting in trouble while on Active Duty in Kosovo. Normally I wouldn't get this ribbon because of my lack of being on Active Duty normally, but they make an exception for Reservists who serve on active duty for more then 9 months with no prior military experience. Its a ribbon you get for not getting into trouble. Though some would contest.

Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal - I got this for being a good girl for three years while in a Reserve Unit. I've had this ribbon for a bit now. As long as you behave, the ARCAM is a gimme medal.

National Defense Service Medal - You get this one while serving in a time of war, on Active Duty. You don't have to actually serve in the war, as long as you serve in the military. You would think I would have gotten this a long time ago, but I finally got it when they mobilized me for Kosovo.

Kosovo Campaign Medal - (with Bronze Star) I would consider this medal unique to a lot of the others, in that you specifically have to serve in Kosovo to get it. You don't have to do a lot in Kosovo, just as long as you serve for a period of time in order to get it. Not a lot of people have actually served in Kosovo, so its one of the few medals that I have that is kind of rare.

Global War on Terrorism (expeditionary)
Global War on Terrorism (service) Um, I'm at a loss. I got one of these. I just don't know which one I have. Go back and do some research I guess, I got a piece of paper which tells me which one I got. YOu get this for being involved in the Global War on Terror. In some way shape or form. They are a little different.

Armed Forces Reserve Medal - (w/ 'M' Device) I'm not exactly sure why I get this medal, but it is another Kosovo Medal I got while serving in Kosovo. I don't think I did anything but serve in Kosovo but there was something involved with that that earned me this. Hmm. I'll call it a gimme.

Army Non-Commissioned Officer Development Ribbon - Every time you go to an NCO school, you get one of these. I've been to PLDC. So I have one. I could have gone to BNCOC while I was in kosovo, but I forego the experience on account that I lost all motivation for staying in (another blog post that I will discuss later) and decided it wasn't worth my time. I kind of wish I had now. But the timing was always off and I could never seem to fit it in.

Army Service Ribbon - This ribbon has acquired a whole lot of nicknames. Fruit Loop Ribbon and Gay Pride Ribbon being a couple. You graduate basic training, for being a member of the US Army, you get this one. My first ribbon. Man, your uniform looks mighty barron with just this.

Army Overseas Service Ribbon - You serve overseas for a period of time, like 9 months or so. You earn this. It was questionable whether or not we would get this, somebody said that the Kosovo Campaign Medal basically took presidence over this one. But they gave it to me anyway.

Army Reserve Component Overseas Training Ribbon - Say that one ten times fast. I went to Suriname, I came back with a new shiney on my uniform.

So, that is a description of new stuff for my uniform. Well, badge wise, I also got some new stuff. I am now authorized to wear the Bronze Schutzenschnur, though it appears that it is made for the Male uniform with no thought to how females are supposed to wear it. Dang those pesky buttons.

I'm also now authorized to wear a sharp shooter marksmanship badge for Rifle. I can also wear the Expert Badge for Grenades, seeing as it is still on my paperwork.

As soon as I get home, I'll square away my uniform and piece it together. And maybe wear it one last time. Unless my brain escapes temporarily and I reenlist.

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