Cars R Us, continued

I had a strange dream. See, I'm kind of shopping a bit for a car at present, though more looking for what's available rather then actually buying one. The whole car scenerio showed up in my dream.

It started off as an ancient Toyota, like circa 1970s. I was thinking "dude, this isn't what I want" but I was told to take it out anyway. So me and my dad hop into this car and take it for a spin. Only somehow it turned into a truck. With two massive steering wheels. That forced me to drive with my face pressed against the windshield.

Eventually dad just said that this probably isn't a car I need to look at. I agreed.

Looking at what is available, I'm beginning to know what I want in a car and what I don't want. This will hopefully narrow it down.

Manual Transmission.
At least 25 MPG, (prefer 30 or better)
Color will not be Red
I'll go 1996 or newer
Prefer four door
Sorry LT, but No Trucks!
Foreign Make

And hopefully I can drive it without having my face pressed against the steering wheel.

The chronicals of Buffy the Vampire Slayer continue. I'm just ending Season 3 now. Season 4 is on deck.

Other then that, I'm still bored. Nothing going on, nothing at least, that I'm at liberty to talk about.

Awkward silence insues.

Did I mention that I'm bored?

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