New Years Resolutions

So, every year I make New Year's Resolutions. This last year, how did I do?

1) Get out of debt - (piece of cake!)

This was one of my motivating factors for deploying. I wanted to get in control of my finances. I have most definitely succeeded in this endeavour.

2) Drive on the Autobahn in a Porsche.

Um, in a Porsche? Whas was I thinking?

But I did drive the Autobahn in a BMW!

3) Max APFT.

Hah!!! (failed)

a) this will require me to work out regularly. I hear Bondsteel has some good gyms available.

Hah hah hah *cough cough*

Um, failed this one too. But I did pick up Kajukenbo and a few other ways of working out. I definitely intend to keep it up when I get back to the states.

4) Upkeep webspace from Kosovo

For the most part, did this, at least with the Blog I did. Can't say the same thing for a lot of the rest of the sight. And as much as the army tried to shut my blog down, I kept it going.

5) Learn how to edit videos.

I learned how to do this, but I didn't do what I wanted to do, which was my motivation for learning it in the first place.

6) See Prague, Budapest, Norschwanstein, etc. . .

Um, scratch Prague and Neueswchwanstein, but I did see Budapest and the etc. . . part. So did my mom. She had fun. So did I. :)

7) Don't get Shot.

Um, this is an unnecessary resolution for Kosovo. I'm more likely to get shot by friendly fire. Honestly.

8) Make a decision on what I want to do when I come home.

*sighs* I'm still not sure. So this is a failed resolution.

So, that's the status of Last Year's Resolutions. I need to make a new set. Yay! Now, let's see how well I keep them. Check here same time next year.
  1. Run Bloomsday
  2. Find a Dojo and get back into some kind of Martial Art.
    -Stick with said martial art unless I get an acceptable reason to get out.
  3. Buy a car (guaranteed to get this resolution done)
    -Make it a dependable, economical, inexpensive car.
  4. Make a final decision with the army. Stay in? Get out? New MOS? ???
  5. Get back into Painting.
  6. Get Creature up and running again.
  7. Go to school.
    -Make a decision on a major.
  8. Look through these current prospects and make a decision if there is anything there or not.
    -If there is, explore it more.
    -If there isn't, work on new prospects.
    -Work on that dating issue altogether.
  9. New Zealand/Australia. Somehow, someway. I hope.
  10. Pilgrimage to Utah to visit friends and family and check out famous Utah powder conditions for Snowboarding Purposes.
  11. NanoWrimo in November. Maybe.
  12. Website. Just, well, it needs something else. Facelift maybe? Who knows?
    -MOre in line of a webserver change.

Eh, that's enough off the top of my head for now. Will give myself a week to add too/change current resolutions and then they are in stone. We'll see how this year goes.

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