Celebrating New Years

Well, this wouldn't be a proper New Years post without me telling everyone all about my New Years, right?

Oh yes, it was one of those novel things I can tell people about years from not.

I was on Guard Duty. I will not explain the circumstances of what I was guarding or what not, but Guard Duty came and me and my battle buddy ordered pizza and watched the Kosovars celebrate with Fire Works. And Tracer rounds. I think a few people shot up flare guns.

We watched from the distance and observed. It was a quiet moment.

No big ball dropped in Times Square. Our New Year came a full 6 hours ahead of Dick Clark. I had half a mind to call home afterwards and tell everyone I was calling them from 2006. Eerie, the Future! Mwahahahahaha!

It doesn't really feel like 2006. I spent a grand total of seven and a half days in the states last year.

Today was spent doing another MASCAL excercise. This was kind of a final thing, more for practice then anything. I was in shock again, kind of the mental patient thing though I downplayed the whole psycho aspect. In the end I went into a Asthma attack and that ended the whole play thing for me. I got a lot of compliments for staying in character, though I'm not really asthmatic so I couldn't tell you how to work it in the real world.

Dinner was Crab Legs. Messy. Sometimes, on special occaisions they will spoil us with a special treat. Like Crab Legs. They did a good job cooking them. Unlike July 4th where they butchered the Lobster. That was a crying shame.

Here's looking to a promising 2006. Happy New Year to all of you back in the states and around the world.

I'll be home soon.

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