The Brush Off

The last week has basically been me feeling a tad bit overwhelmed, staring at my piles of crap that is filling my room and knowing that I really need to do some house cleaning. I'm a packrat of the worst sorts. And I felt like I needed some time to just, well, vedge. So I completely ignored my blog and inbox for the last few days, in case any of you were wondering. So don't take it personally.

Been home for a week and a half and went into 'blah' mode. Which means that I really need to focus on going back to work. Getting some purpose back into my life, that sort of thing. The last week has been spent doing a lot of reflecting, thinking about what I'm going to do now, and watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and Angel). Boy, I knew there was a reason I didn't watch Television. I tend to get hooked on things (Star Trek comes to mind) and Buffy is no different. But its still a pity they had to come to an end. I hate seeing things come to an end. Especially when the characters tend to grow on you.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks lost the superbowl. Not that I honestly mind, I thought it was cool that they went, but I spent Sunday on Silver Mountain in Idaho. Got pictures, maybe I'll post them. Later.

For now, well, my things await me. And I shall sort through them and get rid of them if I can muster it.

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