Work and eBay

eBay items are going well. It makes me happy to sell off practically my entire collection of Dragonlance novels. I collected them for years, one of my happy little addictions. But I haven't read them since the War of Souls novels really. Kept the hard covers, got rid of everything else. Its all just peachy.

I'll be putting up more items this coming weekend. Gotta go through my things and just start dumping it. I think clothes are going to be the next thing I sort through, and more books.

Meanwhile, it is the first week I started back on my civilian job again. For those of you who don't know, I work at a retail joint that sells books, movies and music, along with other miscellanious items of note. For a long time (well, before i got the job) i saw this place as primarily a bookstore/rental place.

Anyway, my first days back has me helping them reset the store. We just started buying back used books, however the store is not currently set up to really adequately take in the used books, so they are resetting the book section. I'm helping out by helping take down things so they can remove the fixtures.

I nearly got killed by a fixture. It fell on top of me, but somebody caught it before it could adequately squash me. I'm ok. I think.

Funny, my favorite part of my job is helping the customer find whatever they need. When they are happy, I'm happy. I've discovered a long time ago that I really enjoy making somebody's day. It makes me all warm and toasty inside.

I'm still working on the schooling issue. I just have to finish filling out info for financial aid and apply to my school of choice. I have decided to set aside a day next week to do this, cause it looks like I'll have some free days coming up next week.

This week, I'm just going to focus on not getting killed by any fixtures.

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