Gah! Fangirl issues!

I have wireless internet in my house, and my computer really hates it. Give it about five minutes and it will just kick me off. Or tell me its not connected or something. Garr. . .

Oh well, I think I'm going to try to get this thing into the shop this weekend.

The rest of this post will be about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You are warned.

Meanwhile, I've learned that it is best to pace out television shows instead of just watching them as quickly as possible to get out from watching them. I'm having Buffy withdrawals, because I was kind of upset with how Angel ended. It was kind of a drop away, Angel didn't end with a climatic battle, it ended before the battle took place, just to keep it open that these characters may or may not survive. Apparently Angel was canceled rather suddenly, and when watching the show you can tell that there are unresolved issues at hand.

So, my whole spiel about Buffy and Angel.

I think I was drawn to the characters more then the storylines. There were plenty of bad plotlines to go around, one that comes to mind is the whole government conspiracy the army is doing sneaky things under Sunnydale thing was rather lame. I personally found it barable because it was the Season that Spike became a regular. I also found the fourth season of Angel a bit lame with the whole 'Jasmine' and Cordelia going evil plotline. It was a dissapointment, rushed, ya know?

And the best relationship was Spike and Drusilla. (Spike didn't work with Harmony or Buffy, in my opinion) I think all my favorite characters were Vampires. Well, now I got the whole thing on DVD, call it my splurge since coming back from over seas, so I can go back and watch the episodes I liked. The truly unique episodes were excellent, and they did very well with ones that were humorous. (the Angel episode Smile Time definitely comes to mind, this episode could have gone really wrong but it turned out hilarious.) Drama sometimes worked and sometimes turned cheesey. But I liked how they were able to poke fun at themselves throughout the series. Like the unusual deathrate in Sunnydale.

I had never watched this show while it was on the air, unless I caught snibbits of episodes. Now that I'm hooked on it though, I'm stuck with wanting to know what happens next. Are they going to make a movie? Hmm. . .

I have a strange desire to draw spoof cartoons.

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