Curse of Collections

The process of getting back into Civilian life is almost complete, save for the fact that I feel like I'm sleeping in a storage unit. On a cot. Now I'm working on going through my clothes, I think I'll sell clothes next on eBay. And a few more things of books. The dragonlance is out of my system now, that feels good. I have hung onto those for so long, collecting them that I got to a point that I was just collecting them because I collected them. I didn't even read them anymore. I realized that was kind of stupid and pointless. Kept the hardcovers, a couple of paperbacks, got rid of everything else.

Now all I collect is money. Er, foreign money that is. One of the few things I collect. I tried collecting stamps for a while, that didn't last to long.

Smile Time is the best Angel Episode. Ever.

Next series to watch is Firefly. Brother has it, supposedly. Except, well, he can't find it. So as soon as it shows up, I'll watch it, and I've got Serenity to watch as well.

I used to collect DVDs up the yahoo, however despite the fact that I'm working in a Movie/Music/Bookstore again, and working there with a lot more money then what I had before, I've been doing good at not buying DVDs at random. In fact, I think I'll be doing a lot more renting. Though they took my employee discount away for some reason, despite the fact that I was technically still employed there. Curse them. Its fixed now, but I didn't get them on discount when I could have used the ferkin' discount.

I do have a Coo-coo clock to hang up. I'll run it through the brother where he would suggest I hang it.

Have I bored you yet???

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