Junk makes me Overwhelmed. A bit.

This room is a disaster. I didn't realize exactly how much crap I had until I found that I had no place to stick it all. I was thinking of building a Desktop PC but I'm starting to change my mind, I have no place to stick it.

First idea is to go through all of my books and weeding through the ones I don't want. I've got choices of what to do with these, one idea is taking them to the local used bookstores and seeing if they'll give me credit for them so I can go and buy other books or whatever they sell in these bookstores.

I need to also go through my assortment of clothes and dump the stuff that will never see the light of day on my body again. We're having a yardsale, I need to get rid of some things and the funds of said yardsale will be going to our yearly family trip to Seaside Oregon.

I feel a tad bit overwhelmed at the present. *sighs*

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