You're Host is a Dork

When I was the tender age of 19, I just got back from basic training and acquired my very first computer. It came with a net cam, and I started recording video on it.

I was rather eccentric with it as well.

Case in point,

In case you ever wanted to know how to pronounce Risawn. . .

(for some reason, the sound system gave me a lisp) This was kind of an idea of introducing myself to the world with my website back in 2000. My parents kind of warned me that I might not want to display myself entirely on the internet so prominently, so I never displayed it. That, and my website had like 15 megs of space at the time and a couple of videos would have shot that all to hell real quick.

Well, now its too late.

What can I say? I've always been a bit of a dork.

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