Oh the Shame!

I may have made a cardinal sin.

I let a block of Swiss Chocolate go bad.

It was one of those things where you don't want to eat it, you want to save it and everything, you know? But the thing about Chocolate is it doesn't get better with age, like wine or some other alcoholic beverage that I don't know anything about. Especially since I think it was sat next to a heater on the flight home from Kosovo. Damn that Swiss Chocolate going bad! Swiss Chocolate is a rare pleasantry that can't go bad!

What's more, this is a sin times 3. Three bars of swiss chocolate. Oh the Shame!

In other news, I found that I can discover the finer points of military life when I'm discussing the military with an inquiring mind who wants to know. I got into the topic of discussing my European Vacation and military life in Kosovo (the finer parts) and got into a good conversation about it. I did mention my main peeve with the reserves, (the inability to decide on whether or not I am going to be deployed) but I think overall the military is getting a lot better at this. I think a soldier knows they will be deployed somewhere like a year in advanced now.

This will all be changed once we wage war on North Korea.

I'm also thinking about buying a Ferret.

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