Current 'Jobs'

On top of staring at my blog (and personal website for that matter) and realizing that it is in dire need of severe updating, I am working on other matters to make money, though I am guessing my current project might make me ten bucks a month or so at most.


But I can't get to down on myself, these things happen. Meanwhile, I've got my online comic strip up and running. Again. I've got most of my few loyal readers back on board. And I learned how to create a forum. Through phpBB.

I'll call this good news and move along.

I've also started my subscriber services. I'm not sure how well that will do, I'm just hoping that I can get about ten or so people on board so it will make me about, oh, ten bucks a month.

Oh, Yellowstone called. I might have a job there this summer, doing what I originally wanted to do. And that's work with horses. I'm not sure if I have the job yet or not, if not, I'll have my other job to fall back on at Glacier National park.

Whatever the case, I'm excited about that.

I was going to go to Karate tonight, but I failed to account for daylight savings.

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