What's Happening in My Life

Plans, for the rest of this year.

Next Drill, I should have a weekend that will finally make Carnival of Cordite news. It should be good fun too. I'll meet some more people in the unit, as well as hook up with the Montana units that I will most likely be drilling with this summer while I'm in Yellowstone.

Bloomsday is May 7th. And I am running it. Or will try. If it doesn't kill me first.

Because of my little Tree Accident, I had to take a break from Karate. I could have gone back by now, but with drill weekend and everything taking a big chunk of my week, I'm going to be back in class first thing in May.

May consists of a lot of nothingness. I have my stuff, which I need to sort through, and I have to get that stuff all prioritized and in order so I don't leave a gargantuan mess for my parents to deal with. I promised dad I would get it taken care of, now I need to buck up and commit to it.

Of course, there is Creature. I'm trying to update it enough so I won't be having to many breaks while I'm in Wyoming. I'm not sure what the lifespan of this will be, I just need to update it sparingly or something, so it doesn't take over my life. I can only hope not.

Anyway, summer madness will be sweet. June through early September I'll be riding horses and leading trail rides in Yellowstone. So if you are going to Yellowstone this summer, drop by Roosevelt Ranch. Not sure how my blogging will be down there, I'll try to maintain it if at all possible. Regardless, this is going to be a summer to remember.

September brings me back home. I'll likely move in with my parents for the remainder of the month, get checked into school with everything in order, and look for an apartment, with the hopes that I can be moved in by October.

I've already got my acceptence letter and everything. Then of course, I will need to get a real job. And hope that my temper won't get the better of me with it.

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