Posing for eBay

My sister asked me to pose some things for her in eBay again.

She told me she has a way of buying things when she goes through thrift stores. She literally buys the ugliest things she can find because those seem to sell the best. I would look at them and think 'huh?' I mean, its really ugly!

But surprisingly, she knows how to make things like this work, and she gets away with it because she has a knack for making clothes work.

I thought this shirt was pretty hideous. But like I said, she makes it work. And it even looks like it could be my style, you know?

Then there was this gem. I don't think I would normally wear something like this, or pose like this either. But seriously, we're out there having fun and enjoying ourselves and taking pictures of clothes that off the rack are percieved as ugly.

She's got a definite talent for this. I sure don't.

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