Movie Reviews, so you don't have to see 'em

I made a mistake not long ago of renting a couple of movies.

I have not been really all that impressed with the crap that Hollywood has been releasing lately, and so I haven't seen or rented a movie in a while. Just because, well, nothing perked my interest.

Well, I take that back, one movie did perk my interest, not because of the subject matter or what not, but because of the whole spiel that everyone was saying how great it was.

Actually, I just wanted to see it for myself. And let me tell you, going into this movie, I wasn't all that impressed.

The characters were self serving and a bit shallow. The one character has no sense of responsibility as he throws aside his work and family to have a forbidden affair. This movie didn't teach anything about morals, values or what not. Both of the characters mess up their lives trying to fulfill these hidden desires and neither one ends the better for it.

Liberals will watch this movie and point out that this is the problem with society, that people have to live in secret and aren't allowed to be themselves, thus ruining their lives. Conservatives will watch this movie and point out how the actions of both characters involved only stress that much more about how they ruin their own lives. They say they're in love, but there is a definite 'lust' thing going on here. The movie has no real life lessons applied, other then do what you want to do and let your family and work be damned. Both these characters live a big freakin' lie. All in the name of 'love'. Its bull- in my opinion.

The movie makers thoughts on the matter? "This will show that we need to accept people so that they don't have to live in the closet like this and their lives won't be ruined."

Brokeback Mountain, folks. Seriously, cut and dry definition of this movie? A movie about Two Gay Cowboys. And the tear jerker scene that is supposed to be emotionally gutwrenching? I went 'eh.' For its artistic merit, it's not a bad movie, but it isn't by any means a great movie that all the reviewers are saying it is. Sure, it will make you think, if you can stay awake watching it.

I haven't heard of to many guys who had any desire to see this film, my dad mentioned that one guy admitted to watching it and everyone else gave him crap for weeks about it.

My mom watched the first thirty minutes out of morbid curiousity, and then shut it off when she kept fast forwarding through different scenes and finally got to the sex scene.

I can tell you one thing, its a movie I will never see again.

The Other movie I saw? A Sound of Thunder. Two Words of Advice on this little gem. Don't bother.

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