What Could have Been

If you were intending to buy a Pirated DVD for €4.00, you could instead buy:
  • thirty-four 65g packets of Tesco value instant noodles
  • four hundred and ninety-four millilitres of anti-dandruff shampoo
  • two hundred and sixteen grams of swiss chocolate
  • a hand buzzer
  • one twenty-thousandth of a terraced house on an English council estate
  • fifty-five carrots
  • six hundred and seven millilitres of Red Bull energy drink
  • twenty-four milligrams of heroin
  • one hundred and thirty-four grams of silly putty
  • two cups of coffee from a café
What are you thinking of buying?
I might buy for

And to think of what I could have bought instead of supporting the Kosovo Economy by buying pirated DVDs.

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