Date # 1

I mentioned the Dating Service, right? Well, I got set up with my first match this week and last night we decided to hook up and meet each other.

To protect his identity, I'll just call him Mike.

Mike snowboards, as do I, so the first thought of getting together was to hook up and check out 49N next week (free skiing and boarding all week long) and just kind of get to know each other that way. Well, after we negotiated this, he called me back and asked if I wanted to meet him at a Karaoke bar, he was playing a joke on one of his friends. See, he is usually painfully shy in public places and he decided to use this opportunity to say he was going to actually talk to somebody, however I was already there waiting for him.

He was a pretty nice guy, although at a Karaoke bar, neither of us drank while we were there (I kept getting refills on a sprite, he had two beers prior to showing up) and we listened as the songs went from decent to worse and piss drunk. Which was most amusing. I did venture to get up there and sing a song, I chose You Oughta Know by Alanis Morisette. That was a lot of fun, though it was so loud I could barely hear myself.

Finally, we stole away to the restaurant portion of the bar and sat down at an empty booth and just talked. He's pretty cool, but really shy and I had to keep the conversation going. I think I might be a little to brash and obnoxious for him at times, he was a little to quiet for me, but he was pretty easy going, he felt kind of wierd about asking me to a bar, but I don't hold that against him. I thought if nothing else, he'd make a good friend and perhaps a snow boarding buddy. I've got his number, if nothing else we can keep in touch, stay friends and perhaps if I can get him to come out of his shell a little bit more more can come out of it.

We'll see how the snowboarding trip goes. It might help loosen him up a bit.

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