Bloomsday 2008

So yesterday was Bloomsday. At first I didn't think I would be able to run it because I thought I would be out of town by now. However, I could delay my trek enough to get a free t-shirt.

Mom and I are back in the orange group, behind the fence, because we're not big runners (If I train better, I could be, but when I'm not in shape for it, I hate running) So this is our group of bloomies representing our family at the start line.

There's quite a few people who take part in this event, though participation has been down in the last few years. I try to take part whenever I can.

After the runners took off, we go this pic of us slow pokes. Mom and Brian walked it.

I don't think I could come up with an even more unflattering pic of myself. This is the only action shot I got and I shiver at the sight of it.

This is what I look like after cresting Doomsday Hill, around mile marker Five. And I haven't trained up for Bloomsday. This race did show me what i was made of, but I did better then when I ran two years ago. I never walked once. Yes, I ran incredibly slowly, especially going up that stupid hill, and sometimes walkers were going faster then me, but I never walked. If I stopped to walk, I wouldn't have been able to start again.

I always feel the need to have something to carry my camera, wallet, keys, spare change, and MP3 Player. I need to get one of those arm bands. I have one, but it sucks greatly and doesn't fit this MP3 player. Otherwise, I wouldn't have to look like an incredible dork with all of this crap on me.

Me modeling the t-shirt this year. I look back and realize i should have gotten a bigger size. *sighs* Oh well, I intend to lean up this summer, kind of like I did last summer for DSS. And by the power within me, when I'm done, I WILL maintain myself, unlike this winter, with the snow and all, I let myself vedge to much and felt it when I tried to run a 7 and a half mile road race.

The whole fam damily, after the race, don't we look swell?

My sisters Arah and Julie blogged about their experiences with the race as well. Thanks Arah for getting that flattering shot of me :)

I wanted to run last year but broke my foot so I couldn't do it. I should have people watched.

My specifics.

Finish Time: 1:34:20

Overall Place: 14,707 out of 42,697

Ran with a pace of 12:38 per mile

The average pace for 27-year-olds was 14:01

Placed 351st among people the same age

Placed 5,151st among people from Spokane, WA

Placed 10,951st among people from the State of Washington

Placed 20th among people with the same last name

Placed 6,568th among females

Placed 164th out of 454 among 27-year-old females

I've got my goal for next year, if I'm able to run it at least. I want to break 1:15. I'm not distance runner, never really have been, but by next May, I plan on averaging about a ten minute mile. If I can shave fifteen minutes off my time, I'd be ecstatic.

If I could break an hour, I would be even more pumped. But we can only expect so much.

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