The shame.

I locked myself out of my house.

It wasn't so bad as when I couldn't find my keys this morning and had to stop my battle buddies to see if I could hitch a ride to the unit (we did PMI in full battle rattle, which in non army speak means we went to the similations center and fired M16s and M9s at a big screen with pop up targets, it saves lots of energy when you don't have to worry about real ammunition) but regardless, I was hoping to get an early day off so I could take advantage of at least a two and a half day weekend.

Yep, say hello to six day work weeks. The joys that come with being a Drill Sergeant, and it will get even more fun when we actually have some joes to push.

Regardless, found my keys when I got back to the house and set myself up as I have since taken most of the key chains off, leaving just a green loop and my car and house keys on there. Except for I had the rest of my keys and keychain sitting there, so I just took off out the door and grabbed THAT set instead of my other set.

So now I'm waiting outside my house for them to come lock the door. Its going to take them about an hour to let me back in.


Hey, at least I remembered my security blanket (that would be my laptop). It gives me SOMETHING to do while I wait at least.

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