The Zoo

Louisville has a great zoo. So this is a picture post, complete with pictures of animals at the zoo.

I've noticed that when it comes to zoos, a lot of them have the same animals in them, so you kind of get the impression that once you've seen one zoo, you've seen them all. Thought the Zoo in Frankfurt was pretty sweet, I wish I had my nifty camera then.

The poor animals must get bored to tears in the zoo, they just sit around and sleep all day as people stare at them and try to make little chirpy and whistling noises to get them to react.

I have a few new lenses, got a few shots of different animals with them. Some turned out, some didn't, but hey, what better place to test out your camera and all the fun lenses that come with it then a zoo?

I got a couple dozen pics of Lemurs. Lemurs appear to be always active and cute. This one spent a bit just staring at us at first in that cave behind him.

These two were all over the place. I want a pet lemur, though i think I would change my mind once I had one. Oh well, I have had a ferret in the past. But they are so dang cute!

Half my pictures I had to take behind glass. The camera does the best it can to siphon through the smudge marks that people leave with finger prints and crusted jelly.

This bird started showing off for me by fluffing its feathers, I had to get a picture.

No, its not charging, but the rhinos proved to offer several different shots from different angles and moved around a bit. And I love a clear unobstructed view of the subject I'm taking a picture of.

This poor guy looked bored, but I love what he's doing with his hands.

All lizard shots were taken from behind glass, this one came out pretty cool.

This guy just watched me walk around the paddock with my camera in hand.

I love these kinds of shots when the subject is in clear focus but everything in the background is blurred.

Louisville has two bald eagles. Generally they aren't in zoos, but these guys have been shot and can't fly, so they are on loan from the government. I got a few good head shots, but it might be nice to work out my white balance in the future.


All the kitties slept. Kitties like to sleep. The lions had some of the better shots available. I was particularly fond of this one.

He's checkin' to see if those annoying walking meals just beyond his reach are still there. Yep, still there.

Fortunately the fence sometimes can be obscurred by the zoom lense, but its presence is still known. I understand, they have to keep a fence between the cat and potential prey.

The fence barely shows up in this one. Yes, another sleepy kitty.

More sleepy kitty, more fence, all in all, it works, don't you think?

I actually visited the zoo on Saturday. I'm hoping to get some opportunities to hit Church hill downs and get some action pics of some horses racing. We'll see if I've got a camera and some lenses that can handle it or not if I can make it over there before the end of the summer.

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