Working Out

I'm trying to actively work out, but this is not always successful with me because I have a tendency towards slothfullness, which is not a good thing to be in my career choice.

But I'm doing better, and making an effort to get on board with the working out.

A couple other people in my unit are running every day and they invited me to tag along, we ran about three miles or so. I actually did better then I was anticipating when I ran with them. I got myself a heart rate moniter that comes with a spiffy new watch I got so I can keep track of my heart rate and see what kind of workout I'm getting. I have to figure out exactly what my max heart rate is though so I can work on pushing that and can see what my work out level should be. But I can predict that if I push this thing I'll be able to burn some serious fat or just get some intense workouts.

I also picked up Wii Fit today. It's pretty low key, but I did all the exercises it let me do today. I got a decent workout from it, especially considering I just ran before I used it, but a lot of the workouts didn't do much for me, I didn't get my heart rate going great guns by any means. But I did feel a little burn in some of those exercises strength building and yoga exercies. It's kind of handy, my balance is good if I just want to stand there, but if I have to lean anywhere it goes in the crapper.

still, its kinda fun, I can get some great workout ideas with it, but the aerobic exercises are lacking.

I think I'm going to work on hitting the gym after work here soon. there's an olympic sized pool on post, I should take advantage of it.

I knew I should of brought my bathing suit. I just didn't realize I would have this downtime before we picked up.

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