Dude's Back

So I finally got a response from the writer of that email I posted about a few days ago. He commented on my reader's comments, saying
Hello Risawn, I re-visited your site a few days ago and was mildly amused by the "Recent Comments" remarks.

Just amazes me how many Americans have an insight into other countries they haven't travelled to or never left the United States.

I am just hoping the American electorate in November chooses wisely.

So, how many of my readers have been to Britain? I know my sister and my father both have. I haven't been to Britain, but I have been to Europe.

And who's been outside of the US? Who commented that wasn't American?

Just want to see where the layout of my readers are. I know one of my friends who's British thought his statement was stupid.

I do find it interesting that he didn't comment on any of my remarks. I won't talk about what I know, but I got to thinking, why is he telling me what to say and think, basically telling me how his country is superior.

Dude, whatever.

I'm sure the electorate will vote according to how they feel. It appears these days the votes are decided by a few percentage points, which shows the diversity of the American people.

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