More Dream Interpretation

I had a dream last night that lingered in my thoughts, it was actually kind of vivid, but I'm the type of person to forget them after a few hours.

Yes, it is a dream about Knox. Again. I get there, and for some reason I start out in quasi civilian clothes for some reason and hanging with my battle buddies. I don't recall who these people are, they are just other drill sergeants, and then we have our pickup, a bunch of 'privates'. For some reason, they are all in uniform, but their uniforms are all ate the hell up, their shirts are undone and open and the pattern looks sort of like a hawaiin shirt for some reason. I'm wearing this exact same uniform, but a different pattern, I think mine is more flowery. Yeah, WTH.

So anyway, we are going in a big room and we appear to be going over some training, I don't know what, where you have to hug your battle buddy (I can't think of any army training that requires this, but then again, this is a dream) and one of the privates says jokingly when she runs out of battle buddies that she has to partner up with me, though she refers to me as 'Kami'. For some reason, I've got my first name on my uniform.

I then kick her back and chew her out, telling her to never touch me or call me that again. She sulks and goes back into formation, where the training is over and they all stand around. (Oh, and this is a mixed company, for some reason, we do have females.) One of my battle buddies takes a group of them and starts training, and I look at the rest and they are all doing their own thing, in no semblance of a formation, pretty much talking and joking, and I go over there, yell at them and try to get them in some semblance of a formation.

Well, the other drill sergeants start moving the soldiers out for chow and I'm realizing this, so I start yelling at them to move faster and get in line, because we aren't marching there, and the privates are just not getting it. When we get to the chow hall, I find a few of them doing their own thing, and for some reason, I realize that all of the privates have turned into elementary school age children. I'm chewing them out and yelling at them like a good drill sergeant should and they are laughing at me and pretty much think I'm funny. They go through the chow line like this, and I'm about ready to pull my hair out, when I get the chow hall workers to come out and tell my now kindergarten age privates to please listen to 'miss kami', and I'm looking at her, asking her how she knows my name and she states that they are on a 1/3 shortage at that moment.

As the privates are going through chow line, they are leaving behind their back packs and lingering at different food plates, including one where it looks like the chow hall folks take the uneaten food of the tray and put it on another one for the rest to pick through and eat, and one of the little kids is stopping and picking through this and I'm all disturbed by this so I go back in the back and am peering at their facilities and warning the food people 'hey, I'm Preventive Medicine, please don't make me inspect this place too.'

And then I woke up.

In the dream, I felt all I was doing was yelling and nobody was listening to me. I'm wondering if it is similar to that 'not wearing pants' dream that I had earlier, me doing my darndest to train soldiers, only to find that no matter what I do, the soldiers are untrainable.

And thinking its one big joke.

You know, the dream was funnier when I had just woke up from it, realizing it was a dream. Now I look back, I realize how intensely frustrating it was.

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