Death to Comcast

I've been getting these phonecalls from an area code i don't recognize, and overall I've been kind of ignoring them because I don't get a message or anything. Well, finally I answered one of these calls and low and behold its Comcast on the other end. The conversation went something like this.

Comcast: Hello, this is Comcast, is Kami there?
Me: Speaking.
Comcast: I would like to talk to you about paying a part of your bill to avoid a disruption in your service.
Me: Excuse me? I have it set up so it takes the bill out of my paycheck automatically!
Comcast: Oh. Well that takes about six to ten weeks to go through.
Me: Why didn't the website say that then?
Comcast: It says that on the following page when you sign up for the recurring service.
Me: *goes to comcast payment site and scrolls through the terms of service which mention nothing about this.* No it doesn't. It just tells me to pick a 'One time Payment' or the 'Recurring payment and forget about it!'
Comcast: Well, did you want to pay that now?
Me: I wanted to pay it last month! I set up this thing to pay my bill automatically as soon as I got my billing statement!
Comcast: So did you want to pay it online or over the phone?
Me: Can you scrub my late fee?
Comcast: We can do that once as a customer courtesy.
Me: Damn right you will. Can you also tell your higher ups that this is bullcrap? When it says Recurring Payment, I expect to be able to sign up and forget about it!

So that was basically the condensed version. Please, tell me, when you see a page that looks like this. . .

. . .that you assume that if you click 'make it a regular thing' that it will automatically take it out of your checking account?

Granted, I should know better about making assumptions, but in this case, I didn't expect to be getting a call about a possibility of disruption of service when I set up my Comcast payment over a month ago!

Yep, that's Comcastic!

What? Me Highstrung? Whatever gave you THAT idea???

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