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Earth Shatterng News!

John Kerry Dead Last in Latest Presidential Candidacy Poll!

While still 2 years from the next presidential election, granted things could change, but honestly I think John Kerry is out of the running. Really, he didn't do all that well in 2004 against Bush, who himself wasn't exactly the strongest Presidential candidate around. There is a reason why Kerry wasn't elected. In fact, there were several.

He had no issues to stand on, other then he served in Vietnam.
He had a plan, but nobody knows what that plan was.
He was for the war, and then against the war, before he was for and against the war again.
Swift Boat Vets swiftly did him in.
His platform was basically 'not Bush'.
I really could go on. . .

To tell you the honest truth, if Kerry had campaigned his entire campaign like he did October 2004, he would have won the Presidency very easily, but the damage was to great. Now he has to face a slew of fellow Democratic possibilities such as Barack Obama, who is very popular among Democrats (though probably to early in the political playing field to consider a run for President), along with scores of other hopefuls. I mean, seriously, 2008 is open season. Bush is out, and his VP has no interest in running so its going to be a Slaughter house! And 2004 has given the Republicans plenty of ammo against Kerry.

With strong and popular republicans like Rudi Giuliani and John McCain in the running for their party's nomination, do you think the Democrats are even going to take a chance with that horse when they lost with Kerry already? I think they are going to look at some fresh blood.

I just hope that we can make some progress in this country before 2008 gets here, and honestly, with 2006 almost over and the nominations getting dirty come Fall before an election year, we only have a year left before we find ourselves full force in the mix of what will undoubtedly be a mess.

I just hope John Kerry is out of the running.

On second thought, go ahead and nominate him. It will be interesting to watch him get creamed by the 'Not Bush' Republican candidate.

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