Do I Really Look This Stupid?

I swear, do I have the word 'Idiot' written on my forehead?

I get this kid in line today that hands me two Cds, one's Pink Floyd and the other is Nas. I really didn't pay attention to them at first and just rang them up. Nas, being rap, is in a long box and I pull it out, only to realize that there is a sticker for 3.99 on it that says 'Various artists'. I take a good hard look at a CD that is clearly marked as being Nas. So I took that sticker and peeled it off and low and behold, underneath was the real sticker with the real price.

"Um, looks like you grabbed a CD that somebody had put the wrong sticker on. I can't sell this to you at the other price."

I'm really good at playing stupid.

"Oh, I don't have enough money for it then," he says.

Slyly, I ring up the Pink Floyd, which has a Used Generic CD Sticker on it, for .99 cents. I give him his money and before I give him the CD. . . "Oh wait, this one has the wrong sticker on it too! I'm sorry, I can't sell this for you, I have to do a refund."

So I refunded his money, and got his name and phone number (which is procedure for refunds). Sent him packing. We keep both CDs, with both pricetags revealed for a much larger price then what he had placed on them.

Sadly, if he had tried that on another associate, he might have gotten away with it. I've just been doing this for to long.

Anyway, the kid actually GAVE ME HIS NAME! He changed his phone number by at least one digit. We looked him up, he has a rental account, and almost $200 in late fees, and the account is locked up. I think it might even be in collections. Smart, kid. Way to go.

I know what he looks like, but I have a feeling he won't be back for a while. Hopefully he got the hint. But could he have been any more obvious???

It's to bad I'm not authorized to say "hey stupid, I know you're the one who did this and tried to rip us off, get the hell out of my store" but I'm just a lowly peon. So the boss told me to call him next time I see anything like that.

Sure thing, Boss!

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