The Wii

I have made a decision.

I want a Wii.

My store got a ground total of three Wii's, and I got called in to help with how the store was selling them. What we did is we had tickets, and whoever wanted a wii got a ticket. After thirty minutes from the store opening, we had a drawing and the three tickets got the privelege of purchasing the Wii's. This helped in several ways, for one, it prevented people from camping out front of our store all night, and since we got only three in, they wouldn't have to fight. It also provided a fair advantage for those who had families and didn't have the ability to camp out all day yesterday waiting for a Wii.

When I got to work we only had one family out front waiting for the Wii. By the time we had the drawing, we gave out about forty tickets. I asked to be in charge of it, and everyone was very friendly and several people stated that the way we did it was very fair. The family that was first in line got a Wii as well.

The are also a pretty sweet system. You can download games from any prior Nintendo system and it plays game cube games. Backwards compatability is a great thing.

However, I will likely wait a while before I purchase one. Meanwhile, I do have an original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Gameboy and gamecube. Honestly, I don't play them that much, and I will probably wait until this spring to purchase a Wii.

So I've come to a decision for myself. There are a handful of items that I would like to have, and I am setting myself up for goals to achieve before I go out and buy these items. The Wii will be a reward to myself. Probably down the road a bit.

I don't see the price going down anytime soon. . .

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