Politics, and the Glenn Beck Program

You know what truly speaks volumes about this past election? From all appearances, conservatives have been going 'eh', instead of proclaiming the end of the world and complaining about how stupid people who vote democrat are.

This means one of two things.

1) Conservatives are more mature then liberals.

2) The Republican party needs to get its act together.

Actually, I think both are true. The older you get, traditionally the more conservative you get. But that's not always the case.

And lately, the Republicans are pandering more to the NeoCon far right wing and not paying attention to the real issues.

I just got this month's copy of Fusion Magazine in the mail (did I mention I'm a Glenn Beck fan?) He made it completely unbiased so no matter what, whatever party wins it will speak volumes about why the other lost. And you know what? I read it cover to cover and thought to myself 'Wow, do I really agree with what this guy has to say!'

Of course, who am I kidding? I assume most of my readers (well, whatever ones that are left that is) probably listen to him anyway.

I don't have cable. I almost got it mostly so I could have the History Channel, Discovery Channel, TLC, and Glenn Beck on Headline Prime. I'm waiting for Comcast to have another one of those specials so I can get it without having to pay the instillation fees, but until then, I'm game to wait it out as I work at a video store again and can get all of the movies I want on discount. And there's always the internet.

Meanwhile, is there any possibility of a third party coming out of the debris and actually making a difference in today's political field?

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