You know what I don't get? Spam.

Why do these automated emails try to sell me crap? How many sales do you suppose a Spam Email can generate? Enough to make them keep doing it I guess, because they KEEP DOING IT. I am guessing that if you could find a way to trace those emails back to the spammer who originates them, that person will find their life expired shortly thereafter.

What I REALLY don't get is the people who date their emails for four years ago so when it arrives in your inbox, all you can see is an unopened email but you don't know where it is and you have to surf through your mountains of emails to find it and delete it (and I have a full inbox that never gets answered or shifted down) *sighs*

What is the point of dating a spam email for 2003 anyway? Isn't the point to trick the person into opening it? Or is there some kind of attachment that tells the person who sent it *yes, this email is still sitting in their inbox, tell all your spambot friends to send MORE emails to them!*

If I seriously discovered that one of my friends were responsible for a spam email, I would disown them from friendship and swear blood vengeance (or at least egg their house) becuase they can only be aligned with the devil if they can stoop so low as the use of mass produced and badly done emails to sell prescription medications and informing me on elongating the penis I don't have.


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