Job Woes

I have made up my mind when I'm called in regards to taking a shift I wasn't originally scheduled for.

First, I will consider what shift I am working in the future, such as if I'm opening the next day which is a Saturday, and this shift is a closing shift on Friday. (That's always bad news).

Then I will ask who I'm taking over the shift for. There are a couple of people who I have noticed have a tendency to call in. . . all the time. (why do you work here, buddy?)

And last, I will ask who the manager on duty is.

I can work this job, and I don't mind it (especially for the whole retail gig) but I have definitely learned that retail is not what I aspire to do for the rest of my life (must . . . acquire . . . degree . . .) and until that happens, I have to do something to pay the bills and put food in my stomach. And right now (unfortunately) this means retail.

I may have mentioned I'm back at my old job, mostly because its something I can do, but I am getting reminded on why I quit the first time. Honestly, I'm 26 years old, I'm working on a college degree, I've been there, seen that and put up with a lot of bull. I honestly don't do well in the peon jobs like I used to do.

This job included.

Honestly, if I were to be too serious in my employment, I'd have to shoot myself. I was having troubles before I quit the first time, and I've given myself some breather space so I don't unintentionally kill somebody. And I deal with things my own way.

In this work environment, I intentionally act goofy, make jokes, and sometimes poke fun at myself just to keep the atmosphere light. I have to try to have fun and act like a total goofball because otherwise I would come across as the heinious bitch that people were accusing me of being the last time.

Although I'm pretty sure I'm very competant in this job, I keep getting these other employees who keep talking down to me on basic stuff that a newbie might not know but HEY, I DID THIS JOB FOR A YEAR AS A MANAGER!!! I know what I'm doing, thanks. But then I remind myself that things have changed and so I shut up and just try to listen. Plus, this is a different store then the old one, so I try to keep that in mind as well. Things run differently. . .

So far, I think I'm doing ok, as long as I'm not being treated like a newbie and a complete idiot. If I have a question, I'll ask it (and I've had a few) but for the most part, please let me do the job.

Now that I've survived Black Friday (actually, wasn't all that bad, until I agreed to come back to work in the evening), I have to negotiate the rest of the season with my sanity intact.

Oh Look, MT Spokane is Open! I can work on my angst by taking advantage of that season pass I purchased last spring!

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