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Wow, I got a doozy in my inbox just now. I think I need to put up a Mail Box page with all of the mail I get from time to time. The Hatemail is my favorite, but that doesn't mean that I want you to send me hate mail.

I shall sit here and see how to reply to this person who is obviously very very angry. Hey, I understand anger, I can get angry too. But you don't just send emails to people and rant onwardly without having any conclusive evidence to support your argument other then your own wanton opinions. Because when it comes to politics, a lot of it has to do with Opinion. You can't convince people with your opinion, you have to present them with cold hard facts. But facts can be skewed to favor your opinion, or completely taken out of context to mislead you.

I guess his main reason for cursing at me repeatedly is because I actually *gasp* like George W. Bush. And I like him not only as a president, but I really like him as a person

Now granted, there are some things about Bush that bug me. Hey, the man is human. I don't agree 100% with his policies and I did honestly give the opposition a good hard look.

In the American Election system, we are given a variety of people to choose to be president. The fault in the system is the lack of choice running for president. You dwindle it down until you basically choose between a republican or a democrat. Both parties are corrupt in their own ways, and the people who support one are more then adament to point out the faults of the other.

Truthfully, I don't trust either political party, but I'm apt to trust the republican more because I'm a conservative and republicans generally are conservative. But then again, you got republicans in name only that are fiscal conservative but socially liberal (Rudy Giuliani comes to mind, though I really like him). You also have democrats who can seem more conservative then some republicans (can anybody say Zell Miller?)

Bush made some mistakes during his first term so I looked at him and said to myself, "did this man do a good enough job in his first term to earn my vote?" Then I look at his opposition and say to myself "would this man do a better job?" Becuase by electing a new person, you are basically firing the president.

Well, for one, the new person you are electing better be damn well more qualified then the person you are booting out. I can't say that about John Kerry. Frankly, the guy scared me. And whats more, he was completely opposite of many issues that I stand on. I'm not going to vote for a cure that is worse to me then the disease, and that's what I saw in John Kerry. Besides, there were to many people who were voting for Kerry just to get rid of Bush. And I could lay a rant as to why John Kerry's not qualified for President.

Bush is not a perfect President. Last I saw, there hasn't been one that was. He has his faults and he has his strengths. He's done some things in the last three months that made me cringe a bit. But I still support him as my President and as my Commander in Chief. And I will continue to be Not Sorry that I voted for him.

The email in question is attached. Sorry Grandma, but it has some vulgarity in it.

I mean every intentinon of respecting you, but that said in the months following this most disgusting election can you honestly say that this "mongeral" is the best person for our presidental office. Do a fact search.
He Is Satatisticly The Worst President That Has Ever Been Electied. I Am Sorry you Fell For It. You, Your Friends, Your Family, My Freinds, and My Family went to WAR under FALLS PRETENSES and you can only say that YOU AND YOUR M-16-203 Grenade Launching Death Device or SAW or LAW Provide you with enough comfort to you so that you remain stupid and ignorant to what is really going on in this FUCKED UP COUNTRY. I'm So Fucing Sorry To Be An American These Days Just Because Of Fucking Idiots Like Yourself. Fusk Off.
WE Reenter The Life Of Fascism

I invite the author of the email to reply to my response in the comment section, where he will likely get some feedback from my readers, or he can choose to continue correspondance with me through email. Or he can leave his argument at that. His choice.

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