One of my Pet Peeves with America

That we are a sue happy nation.

how come I didn't find out about this until now? I mean, how are people being able to get away with suing somebody who was just trying to be nice?

I think that is one of the biggest problems with this nation. Something happens to somebody that sends them to the emergency room and the first thing they do is try to find somebody to blame. And in this case, it was two teenagers trying to do something nice for their neighbors.

I think the lady who sued them needs to go see a shrink or something because if such a petty little thing such as two people out on the porch at 10:30 sends her into an anxiety attack, then I think she has some problems of her own, because most normal people wouldn't be freaking out.

I guess I could sue Schweitzer for causing me to lose my memory last year after I went snowboarding all day, or maybe I should sue Toyota, because they provided a free lift ticket. Heck, it might be their fault, after all, I still don't remember it.

But what did I do? I sucked it up, found a payment plan to pay for the emergency room myself and got on with my life. That was a one time thing, I didn't look for somebody else to blame, because the only person to blame is me. It was my choice and I took responsibility for what happened.

If somebody else really is responsible, then fine, work it out with them unless you have to take them to court. But in this case, the family offered to pay the bill and the woman STILL took them to court.

Its good to see that a lot of people have looked at this thing and said to themselves "no, this can't be right. People shouldn't be suing others due to acts of kindness." I heard about somebody trying to gather money to pay the girl's final bill ($900, at least the woman wasn't awarded punitive damages) and amazingly it appears that people have come together and raised the money and then some. Heck, I would have sent a check if I thought it would help.

I do believe that the court systems might need to get slightly revamped in this country to stop crap like this from happening and disallowing people from taking full advantage of the system and practically winning the freakin' lottery.

My favorite joke in this regards, click here and read on. Nothing like trying to sue McDonalds because their coffee was to hot, eating at McDonalds made them fat, or because McDonald makes their French Fries with Beef Byproducts.

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