Lesson of the Day: Mail is Good.

Another lesson learned. I like Care Packages. Even IF they are from myself.

Today wasn't one of the better days. I'm still getting used to how things go around here, trying to get into some routine while getting adjusted to doing things that I've only been briefly trained on and busy beating myself up over mistakes.

i'm also trying to get used to the people in my section. I like them, for the most part, but every once in a while, somebody will rub me the wrong way and if I'm having a bad day to begin with, I start shooting daggers with my eyes and grumbling under my breath and, well, it ain't pretty.

Especially considering I have a weapon at arms length at any given time.

So things progressively went from bad to worse and its not the big things that get me, its the many many little things that seem to attack all at once. Like everything going wrong in Air Sampling. Coupled with a freakin' 10 page long accident report because I brushed up against a barrier and scratched the Paint on my HMMW-V. And DHL was 25 minutes late and I was 10 minutes early, meaning I waited for 35 minutes. And the knowledge that I will be working until at LEAST 1800 hours. And skipping lunch because I had to much work to do. And, well, I could go on but you get the picture.

Then the mail guy came and I asked him if anything came for me and I got not one, but TWO packages from Amazon! From Myself! But, that's ok, they are books and now I have something constructive to read.

One's just light reading, called Dragon Rider (its aimed at the same age group as Harry Potter, but I love reading books at this age group because they are usually clean and really aimed at creativeness, and thats something I need, becuase it's how I escape) I also got Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man, because I really don't like Michael Moore and the title made me curious (and i read a thing or two about it). Then there is the Official Handbook of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, because anything with a name like that has to be interesting, plus its about debunking lefty looniness. And two books on blogs. Because I wanted to know what Hugh Hewitt had to say about them (Blog) and I wanted to know what I was doing right and wrong and how to make it better (the Weblog Handbook).

Yes, Books are good for me. I'm sure things will eventually calm down around here and I will get into some kind of groove, but meanwhile I'll have to try to maintain my sanity and remind myself that it really isn't THAT bad.

Afterall, I could be in a desert. Though I volunteered a few times for one of those rotations and nothing ever came of it. I can't really complain afterall, I did volunteer for this one.

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