groundhog's day

Hmm, it's groundhog's day today. To celebrate it, i decided to recessicate my lagging webcomic which had promptly died, oh, about the same time I gained exposure on the internet, politically (which is something I always avoided with a webcomic. My comic readers are primarily of the liberal persuasion.) thing is, the comic is just a little bit younger then my blog. Fortunately, the comic is there in its entirity unlike my blog, which is missing all entries priar to this summer, when my entire website crashed and burned horribly. Somebody asked who the guy was. I have to admit that I can't draw myself with short hair and mad too and retain my femininity. Which is non-existant in the first place.

Though this comic is now not entirely true, just found out today that they are indeed sponsering MWR trips to Big Duke, which means I will get opportunities to Ski. Not sure about snowboarding yet, but if I'm allowed to ski, I'll take skiing.

Then I had to do a MASS-CAL exercise and promptly began hating cold weather again when I lost all feelings in my toes.

Punxsutawney Phil is going down, man, he is going DOWN!!!

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