Picture Gallery

One of these days, I will have the capabilities to upload pictures onto Exposure Manager and let people leaf through them at their leasure. However, such is unfortunately not the case.


Meanwhile, you can get a couple glimpses at me working hard.

Washing the HMMWV.

During the MASCAL, looking grumpy as usual (my flak vest and LBV are now more compatible I would like you to know, but I still look bloated whenever they call the MASCALs. This is me pulling QRF duty, and basically freezing.

This was doing water samples, back at Lewis actually. We do water samples so much simpler here at Bondsteel, instead of the BAC-T set, we use Collilert, which is presense absence and a hell of a lot simpler.

And at Hohenfels, waiting on the laundry usually meant I took my laptop out and listened to music and sorted through things. I tucked myself in a corner and went to town.

I just wanted to reiterate that it does indeed snow here. This was the first freakin' day in Bondsteel.

When we first got here, the fog was so thick you couldn't tell the ground from the sky. After about a week we actually got to see the Bondsteel Skyline. It is very beautiful in the summer I can hear. What am i saying, it's beautiful when it isn't hazed over!

I'm going to check up on that wireless internet we supposedly get in our rooms here. And then I get to chew out my bank.

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