What Constitutes Divinity?

Anybody who has been reading this blog for some amount of time ought to know by now the ongoing in joke in regards to my claim to fame, a picture depicting my staunch support for President Bush while I hold a kick-ass M203 Grenade Launcher. I don't think I can kick the dead horse enough.

Anyway, Silent Running asked me to be their Patron Goddess, to which I said 'why not?' and then they sent me a T-shirt.

I've come up with a few problems with trying to pose for the T-Shirt. One, well, there really isn't anywhere to pose when I get off duty, as it is rather cold out and I don't feel like going outside in a T-shirt (not to mention that this puts me out of uniform) so I have to pose indoors for now, and my room is actually kind of nasty looking.

Then there is the whole idea behind the title of Goddess. Goddess tends to depict images of unearthly, beautiful, and I don't know about you, but I'm thinking Feminine.

I have never in my life looked at myself as Feminine, so it cracked me up to begin with that somebody wanted to make me their official Patrod Goddess (truthfully, i think the M203 is what initially won them over) And since I cut my hair since then, that has taken away even more from my femininity so now I look at this and think "how in the hell am I going to fit the Goddess Ideology with nothing but a T-shirt, Combat Boots and an M16?"

I guess that means I'll just keep up the Bad Ass routine. Maybe that'll keep the minions pacified?

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