Hmm, commentation through Haloscan is down. Which makes me sad, because one of my favorite things about blogging is the comments.

So I am sad.

But I am happy that I can temporarily fix this problem. I used to have commentation through YACCS, I can just redo that again. I guess I will.

As soon as HALO SCAN Comes back up, I will move the comments over there. I like HaloScan much better then YACCS.

Update There is a saying that applies to me. Patience is a virtue I don't possess. I guess I could have given Haloscan a chance to come to its senses, as it undoubtedly would.

And so it has risen from the death of Cyberspace and is alive once more. Good to see the comment bar again.

I'm all for instant gratification though. *sigh*

MORE UPDATES Its not haloscan at all! Its...these...darn...government...computers!!!

Haloscan has become a blocked site! I have to go to the MWR building to read any comments! This can't be!

*sob* I am sad again.

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